Stripers In Moriches Bay

This past summer, we headed out to an area of Moriches Bay called “The Old Cut”. It’s about a quarter mile southwest of the inlet. As we got closer to what is actually the tip of Fire Island, we dropped anchor in about 15ft of water. We had an incoming, moving tide. The poles were rigged simply. Striper hooks (7.0 J hooks) on 3ft leaders rigged about 2 feet up from the 4 oz. sinkers.

We were using whole fresh clams as bait and I leave the poles unattended in the rod holders. We also threw out a chum bucket with chopped clams.

Within the hour, we had 6 fish, 2 of which were keepers measuring just about 30 inches each.

After fileting both fish back at the dock, I drove home and prepared the dinner. It may sound too simple, but I spread a couple of teaspoons of olive oil in a pan. Dice up some fresh garlic, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil from my garden. I add a few small pinches of sea salt and I cover the filets with this mixture.

Grill set on high and the pan is covered.

I open it one time after 15 minutes or so to take some of the drippings mixed with oil and put it on the fish. In about 10 more minutes, once the filets are white and flaky, I take out the pan and we have one of my favorite dinners.
Salad and fresh striped bass.

Anybody have other favorite recipes?

Contact us at to share and find out how we can protect you when you pick up your next dinner!

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