Choosing the Right Boat Insurance Company

So you’re thinking about buying a boat.  You run the numbers to make sure it fits your family budget.  Let’s say you budget $40,000 for the boat, motor, trailer and first season’s maintenance.  Before signing the papers you will also want a quote to find out how much your boat insurance may cost.  Insurance is likely the smallest expense associated with owning a boat but the most important as it protects your entire investment.

If you call your agent he or she may get you a price based on the boat value and speed without questioning the exact make and model you are considering.  The agent probably has the rest of your information from your information from your automobile and homeowners file.

Does this mean that your boat insurance premium is based on the value rather than the type of boat?

Should insurance cost the same for a $40,000 bass boat and a $40,000 pontoon boat?

What if you are insuring a tournament ski boat or a day cruiser or fish and ski?  Should it cost the same to insure each of these boats?

The truth is a traditional insurance company may underwrite a tournament ski boat as a high performance boat because they lump it together with other 20 foot boats with engines putting out close to 400 horsepower.  They do this even though you know your new ski boat is anything  but a speed boat.

Similarly, other carriers look at your pontoon boat and don’t see a relaxing afternoon on the lake.  They see an unstable “party boat”.

You put the time into choosing the right boat for your family.  It only makes sense to put the time into selecting the right company to protect your investment.   Find a carrier that specializes in boat insurance because your boat may qualify for discounts that are unavailable from the general companies. Your boat is a serious investment. Your boat insurance is just as important and deserves the same consideration.

Check with us today at and make sure your boat insurance is in the hands of pros who know.

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